Natty Nature
Bass Culture Players & Puppa Shan
"Easy Country Living"
SDRV7006 // 7"45rpm

Seventh Strictly Dub Records’ vinyl single called “Easy Country Living” with a musical message from Spain!

In case you never heard of Bass Culture Players, now there’s a chance as the guys are in charge for a riddim here. The Players have a style and follow the right fashion, so the result is something of a top-class. Actually, we cannot speak about Bass Culture Players without mentioning the man standing (well, probably sitting) behind. Recorded and mixed by Puppa Shan, mountain-water-crisp vocal side and tough drum-n-bass version reveal the true underground master of a mixing desk. Without any doubts it would be a shame and disgrace to leave such a riddim without proper lyrics. There was no need to look far – please welcome young and definitely talented Spanish singer by the name of Natty Nature with his debut single. Mastering provided by one and only Russ Disciples at his Backyard studio. So what’s next? A new Strictly Dub record brings you chances to let your amplifiers do some work. As it is means to be!

A. Natty Nature - Easy Country Living

B. Puppa Shan - Version

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