Seafront Hi Fi

Handmade speakerboxes emerged on the streets of Kingston to provide access to the new and popular music otherwise unavailable for the people. During the mid-50’s these speakers reached England, and that was the beginning of something that we call soundsystem culture nowadays. Being international for years, slowly but surely soundsystem fashion reaches the land of Estonia.

Jan Steadyrocka and Simon Chaozlevel begun the soundsystem construction in autumn of 2015. Now the system is ready to bring the friends’ favorite musical selection: from Steadyrocka’s crisp 45’s with ska, rocksteady and reggae to stylish rub-a-dub and crucial roots and dub 12″ records of Simon Chaozlevel. The name of the crew should correspond with the theme which is close to the heart of Tallinn people – that was the idea, so please welcome – it’s Seafront live and direct!

Live recordings of our Seafront sessions will be available very soon via mixtape page!