Seafront meets Wolde Egziabher soundsystem (Vilnius, Lt)

Greetings & Love!

Strictly Dub Records presents roots session with two hand-built reggae soundsystems. For this session we have invited Wolde Egziabher soundsystem from Vilnius, Lithuania. This soundsystem will take journey of more then 700 km from Vilnius to Tallinn to bring us their; own speaker boxes & vibration, live singing and chanting style, roots & dub meditation and very exclusive dubplate selection.

Seafront and Wolde Egziabher with full soundsystems at Kohvik Sinilind will be playing their reggae & dub selection one by one in a row. Don’t miss this big roots reggae dance at Tallinn’ finest venue the Sinilind.

When two sounds meet up, they usually play their selection one by one in a row. For example, each sound plays their selection only through the speakers of their soundsystem for thirty minutes, then the other sound do the same. Closer to the end of the session the sounds blast their best selection in a row, record by record each.

Seafront Sound – local music educator with Simon Chaozlevel & Steadyrocka at the controls, Puffnutty on the microphone support.

Wolde Egziabher – roots & dub sound from Vilnius, Lithuania with Pavel Ras Wolde at the controls, full crew and soundsystem.

Facebook page event:

Tickets: 5€
23:00 – 04:00

Müürivahe 50
10140 Tallinn

Rock and come in!