New vinyl & mixtape

Greetings, Dear listeners and followers!


We return to bring you some good musical news from Strictly Dub Records. First of all we would like to present our brand new 7″ vinyl release, which is out now in all well-known reggae and dub vinyl vendors. Lyrical Benjie on the vocals and Unlisted Fanatic on the musical production, track called “Gone This Ya Style”. If you want to support our record label directly, please purchase our records via official label shop or bandcamp.

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You can find our new record also here:


And second, we would like to announce special mixtape which was recorded by Unlisted Fanatic for Strictly Dub Records. Unlisted Fanatic: reggae & dub producer, sound selector, Sir Runnin’ label owner. Hailing out of Antwerp Belgium, Unlisted Fanatic creates a contemporary blend of digital riddims enforced by live instruments resulting in tuff roots & stepper tunes with a distinct sound all treated in a dub fashion. Unlisted Fanatic has worked and released tunes with international artists such as Barry Heptones (JAM), Carlton Livingston (JAM ), Jah Melodie (NL), Parvez (UK), Paul Fox (UK), Micah Shemaiah (UK), Lyrical Benjie (NL)… Thus far he has 12 releases under his belt, 9 of which on his own Sir Runnin’ Records. New releases are forthcoming in 2017 with artist such as Triston Palma (JAM), Moonshine Horns (BE)… Countless sounds across Europe play Unlisted Fanatic his music, as well as by leading sounds such as Aba Shanti (UK), Channel One (UK), Blackboard Jungle (FRA) … In a live session Unlisted Fanatic brings a showcase of his own productions combined with a crucial selection out of his vast vinyl collection. He takes up the duties behind the mixing desk or control tower and often brings vocal support and live brass by the Moonshine Horns to the occasion to enforce his sets. In this mixtape Unlisted Fanatic lines up a nice selection of tunes on his turntable. Vibes are added by samples, sirens and echo’s … dubbing is a must! Enjoy!

Listen mixtape via mixcloud or download it directly from our official web page!