Seafront Hi Fi @ 7.04.2018

Back to the roots – that’s how we’ll call this dance, as Seafront is back in EKKM cafe. A place that hosted our very first session in summer of 2016 welcomes us once again for this ever great soundsystem action. Enjoy a night full of tough sounds from 60’s and beyond – rocksteady, reggae, roots […]

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Seafront Hi Fi @ 17.02.18

Greetings each & every!  It’s been quite a while since Seafront played in Sveta. As some may remember, we’ve shaked all the old dust off the piping. This time you shouldn’t worry about the stones falling on your head so there is no reason why not to come and have some reggae dance with Seafront […]

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Seafront Hi Fi in Vilnius

Dub School presents International soundsystem meeting All the way from Estonia, Tallinn’s musical educator – SEAFRONT HI FI With Simon Chaozlevel the founder of Strictly Dub Records and Jan Steadyrocka at the controls alongside Seafront’ friends Puffnutty joining from St. Petersburg (Russian Federation) and Jah Lee from Minsk (Republic of Belarus) on the microphone duties. Meeting […]

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Wolde Egziabher interview with Seafront

Greetings from Jan Steadyrocka and Simon Chaozlevel, the Tallinn Seafront sound system. Seafront became one year old. This year was quite an effective year. We had a couple of great sessions here in Tallinn. In April 2017 we were invited to play at Helsinki Dub Club in Finland, an important heavyweight event alongside Ivah Sound system. […]

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