Seafront Hi Fi @ Buddha Lounge

Greetings & love! Jan Steadyrocka and Simon Chaozlevel begun the soundsystem construction in autumn of 2015. Now the system is ready to bring the friends’ favorite musical selection: from Steadyrocka’s crisp 45’s with ska, rocksteady and reggae to stylish rub-a-dub and crucial roots and dub 12″ records of Chaozlevel.

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Chaozlevel @ Dub Smugglers & Radio Reform

We would like to present to you latest mixtape from the head of label – Simon Chaozlevel. This mix was recorded and dedicated to a brand new radio show by soundsystem and collective from Manchester – Dub Smugglers. Special mixtape from Simon has been aired on Manchester’s Reform Radio.

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Seafront Meets I-Fi Soundsystem

Greetings & love! We are back with our second session. This event is very important for the growing soundsystem culture in Estonia. On the 12th of August EKKMi Kohvik will host two hand-built reggae sound systems: I-Fi Soundsystem and Seafront Hi Fi. Our session will start on EKKM’s backyard from 19:00 and last until 0:00 […]

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Seafront Hi Fi launch session

Handmade speakerboxes emerged on the streets of Kingston to provide access to the new and popular music otherwise unavailable for the people. During the mid-50’s these speakers reached England, and that was the beginning of something that we call soundsystem culture nowadays. Being international for years, slowly but surely soundsystem fashion reaches the land of […]

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