Wolde Egziabher interview with Seafront

Greetings from Jan Steadyrocka and Simon Chaozlevel, the Tallinn Seafront sound system. Seafront became one year old. This year was quite an effective year. We had a couple of great sessions here in Tallinn. In April 2017 we were invited to play at Helsinki Dub Club in Finland, an important heavyweight event alongside Ivah Sound system. […]

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Seafront meets Wolde Egziabher soundsystem (Vilnius, Lt)

Greetings & Love! Strictly Dub Records presents roots session with two hand-built reggae soundsystems. For this session we have invited Wolde Egziabher soundsystem from Vilnius, Lithuania. This soundsystem will take journey of more then 700 km from Vilnius to Tallinn to bring us their; own speaker boxes & vibration, live singing and chanting style, roots […]

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Helsinki Dub Club – Ivah Sound meets Seafront Sound (EST)

Helsinki Dub Club has a solid focus on the sound systems themselves. For this session we have invited Seafront Sound System from Tallinn, Estonia. This sound system with Strictly dub Records Simon Chaozlevel as its founder is sure to bring the dub vibe to this session; with exclusive dubplates, unreleased tunes and their new sound […]

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New vinyl & mixtape

Greetings, Dear listeners and followers!   We return to bring you some good musical news from Strictly Dub Records. First of all we would like to present our brand new 7″ vinyl release, which is out now in all well-known reggae and dub vinyl vendors. Lyrical Benjie on the vocals and Unlisted Fanatic on the […]

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